Bamboo Tiki Bar

For Your Exotic Tiki Garden Party

Those who have already made a trip to Asia will recognize the classic bamboo bar. Depending on the season, the offer of Bamboo counters and bars online on Amazon vary greatly. During the summer, the dealers import different models from Asia, but in the winter months you will find only a very limited range of products.

Care + Handling of your Tiki Bar

Bamboo has no major problems with moisture as long as it is not permanent. In the tropical regions where a lot of things are built with bamboo, it rains very often during the year and the bamboo gets wet. But after the rain the bamboo has the possibility to to dry quickly under the tropical sun. Unfortunately here in the USA the sun is not shining after every rainfall, so the bamboo canes are exposed to creeping moisture despite the protective coating.

So put your bamboo bar in a dry place at the end of the summer so you can enjoy your bar for many years.

Assembly of your Tiki Bar

Remember - such a bamboo bar is usually a handmade construction. Often the bar comes in a big box without proper assembly instructions. Often, however, there are small stickers with numbers on them at the connection points. Same numbers coming up to the same numbers - thats the more practical orientated, Asian assembly instructions. Depending on the model, connections are also made using bamboo pins, which you can drive through the existing holes with a small hammer.


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