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Bamboo bamboo steam cooker for Asian cuisine.

Multi-stage cooking using ascending steam is an old Chinese method of cooking and has only been established in the western kitchen by new cookers since 1920, according to Wikipedia[1]. Today, there are quite different steam cookers and systems. From pressure cooker, with temperatures up to 125°C to industrial steam ovens.

Here you will find the traditional bamboo steam cookers that you will have seen on every corner of your holiday in Asia. They typically consist of 3 or more bamboo shells, which can be stacked and fixed on top of each other. The water vapour is supplied from below. A pot of boiling water should work well. You have to experiment a little bit until you get a grip on the cooking points of the individual foods, but then it will be delicious.

Often the good Basmati rice is layered in the lowest layer, followed by a layer of exotic vegetables and the tenderly steamed chicken meat - or tofu

A must-have for all lovers of Asian cuisine. Ideal to serve small delicacies with homemade sushi.


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(22.99 $)

Helen's Asian Kitchen 97009 Food Steamer with Lid, 10-Inch, Natural Bamboo

(24.50 $)

Mister Kitchenware 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer, 2 Tier Baskets, Healthy Cook...

(13.77 $)

Yuho Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer 6-Inch, Individually Box, 2 Tiers & Lid, 10 Pa...

(24.99 $)

VonShef Premium 2 Tier Bamboo Steamer with Stainless Steel Banding Includes 2 Pa...

(10.95 $)

Premium 2 Tier Non-stick Bamboo Steamer - A Deluxe Asian Steamer by Saint Germai...

(23.96 $)

BirdRock Home 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer | Classic Traditional Design | Healthy Cook...


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8.99 $6.99$*

100 Count - 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer Liners - Air Fryer Liners Perforated Parchment Paper - Non-Stick ...

17.99 $14.05$*

Trademark Innovations 3 Piece Bamboo Steamer Standard Tan

34.99 $21.97$*

10 Inch Premium Organic Bamboo Steamer Basket by Harcas. Large 2-Tier with Lid. Strong and Durable w...


Steami - Bamboo Steamer (10 inch) with Liners and Recipe Guide


10 Bamboo Steamer/ 2 Tiers & Lid by Cuisine Natural -Incl. 4 Bonus Liner Papers | Made w/Non Toxic G...


Premium Bamboo Steamer With EXTRA DEPTH - 10 Inch - Asian Steam Pot - Rice/Dumpling/Vegetable/Food -...


Zoie + Chloe 100% Natural Bamboo Steamer Basket - with Bonus Reusable Cotton Liners

26.90 $26.88$*

Joyce Chen 26-0013 Bamboo Steamer Set 10-inch

25.44 $20.99$*

Picksur LifeStyle Handmade Bamboo Steamer 10 inch 2 tier | includes 2 reusable cotton liners | dumpl...

28.99 $23.99$*

Juvale Bamboo Steamer Basket - 2-Tier Dim Sum Bamboo Steamer with Steel Rings for Cooking 10 x 6.7 ...


UPDATED MODEL FOR 2019 NEW AMAZINGLY DURABLE8 Inch Bamboo Steamer w/ Stainless Steel Rim/Lightweight...


Juvale 3-Piece Set 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer Basket for Dim Sum Buns and Dumplings


3 Piece Set - 100% Natural Bamboo Steamer Basket - Dumpling & Bun Steamer - Great for Asian Cooking ...


Bamboo Steamer 10 inch Haneye 2 Tier Bamboo Steamers for Steaming Dim Sum Dumplings Buns Vegetables...


Happy Sales HSST-BMB08 Three Piece 8 Inch Bamboo Steamer


JapanBargain S-2221 Bamboo Steamer Two Tiers 6-inch


Town 34640 Bamboo Steamer Pan 11-3/4 dia. fits 10 steamer


Town 34642 Bamboo Steamer Pan 13-3/4 dia. fits 12 steamer

24.99 $22.99$*

Professional Bamboo Vegetable Steamer Basket - 10 Inches With Stainless Steel Protection 1 Dumpling...


Zoie + Chloe 100% Cotton Reusable Liners for Bamboo Steamers - 6 Pack


Flexzion Bamboo Steamer Basket Set (8 inch) with Stainless Steel Banding 50x Steamer Liners and 2 Pa...


Yuho Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer 12-Inch Individually Box 2 Tiers & Lid 10 Parchment Liners Per...


2 in 1 Casserole Pot and Steamer - Bamboo Steamer and Stainless-Steel Casserole Steamer - Microwave ...


MASTERPROOFING 3-Piece Bamboo Steamer Set 10-Inch


12 Bamboo Steamer Set


BambooMN 3 Inch Mini Bamboo Dim Sum Dumpling Steamer Basket for Dessert Party Favors Wedding Birthda...


8 Bamboo Steamer Set


Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen 10-Inch Bamboo Steamer and 11-Inch Steaming Ring


6 Bamboo Steamer Set


AFYBL 2-Tier 10 inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer Basket Set with Stainless Steel Banding 2 Deep 2 PCS S...


3 Piece Set - 100% Natural Bamboo Steamer Basket With Metal Rimmed Edges - Dumpling & Bun Steamer - ...


Flexzion Bamboo Steamer Basket Set (10 inch) with 50x Steamer Liners and 2 Pairs of Chopsticks Chin...


MineDecor 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer Basket 2 Tier Stackable Kitchen Steam Rack Cookware With Lid and 50...


Hcooker 3 Tier Kitchen Bamboo Steamer with Double Stainless Steel Banding for Asian Cooking Buns Dum...


10 Bamboo Steamer Set w/ Bamboo Tong


7.8 Inch Dia Green Bamboo Steamer liners Kitchen Mat Rack Steamer Pad Inserts 4 Pieces


URWOOW Stainless Steel Banding Rim Bamboo Steamer Basket 2 Two Tier (10inch)

36.71 $23.03$*

Asian Origins 10 inch Bamboo Steamer 3 Piece

35.95 $24.57$*

Signature Chef Bamboo Steamer 10 inch 2 Tier with Lid Stainless Steel Banding


Thickened Non-stick Silicone Steamer Mesh Pad For Food Steamer - 5 PACK Round Dumplings Mats Steamed...


Wooden Bamboo Steamer Basket 10 Pot with Knitted Wicker Lid Stainless Steel Rack 2 Tier for Kitchen ...


Asian Cooking With Your Bamboo Steamer: Delicious recipes to get the most from your bamboo steamer


XMYZ 6-12 inch Bamboo Steamer Set 2 Tier Large Bamboo Steamer Basket - Stainless Steel Banding/DURAB...


Bamboo Steamer - Includes 2 pairs of Chopsticks Suitable for Steam Dessert Dumplings Buns Vegetab...


Hooden Asian Natural Handmade Bamboo Steamer 9 Inch Wooden Basket with 3 Tier Rack &1 Lid, Stainless...


Stainless Steel Steamer Pot Steaming Cookware Bamboo Bottom Steamed Buns Dumplings Dim Sum Lotus Lea...


Stainless Steel Steamer Steamed Dumpling Cage And Cage Cover Bamboo Bottom Steaming Buns Dessert Fo...


Dim Sum Basket Pasta Durable Cookware Bamboo Steamer Stainless Steel Lid Steamer (Size : 16cm Lid)