Fargesia Bamboo Species (Clumping)

No Rhizomebarrier needed - Clumping Bamboo

Fargesia - the ideal bamboo plant for beginners

Bamboo plants from the Fargesia family are ideal for greening your garden, balcony or terrace. Fargesien are robust bamboo plants with a maximum growth height of up to 4 meters. In Single position as well as planted in series as Bamboo hedge or as a spot Visual protection in the bucket Fargesia are fresh green and opaque. There's a whole lot of bamboo in the bamboo market. series of different varieties. The triumphant advance of Fargesia prompted many bamboo growers to make use of appropriate selections from the to identify and cultivate "own" varieties of young plants. Some retailers also sell their plants on Amazon.

The different species differ slightly in the shape of the leaf, the stalks and the general habit and the height of the growth. A good choice is the Fargesia Murielae Jumbo - a proven variety for the often severe winter climate in Germany.

Please read the product description carefully or simply ask the consignor what kind of product you are looking for. You can buy your Fargesia online without hesitation if the sender is a tree nursery or a certified bamboo specialist shop.

Fargesia bamboo - good privacy protection for your garden

"Bamboo in the garden - stop with the herb, that grows everywhere". This or similar conversations at the garden fence took place. And it is true. Partly. There are bamboo plants that have a really big need for space, in the variety name they have e. g."Phyllostachys" or "Pleioblastus" as Name affix. For these bamboo plants, an extra root barrier is required, as their roots often grow meter-wide through the garden and are not only protected from the sun, but also from the sun. uncontrolled stems everywhere.

Not so with the Fargesia

Fargesia Murielae* are bamboo plants with a completely different growth pattern. They *** do not build long roots from, but stay on the spot. Fargesien grow with the years slow in diameter. Due to the new stalks that sprout at the outer edge of the root ball, the diameter increases by a few centimeters every year.

This is exactly why Fargesia is well suited for keeping buckets, because the space requirement is low.

In a bucket on the balcony or terrace

You can buy planters up to a diameter of more than one metre at a DIY store or a specialist retailer. However, the bucket does not have to be this big. It's important, the water can escape from the plant pot. Make sure that there are large holes at the bottom of the bucket, ideally you should place the bucket in a few Centimetres above the floor and create the distance to the floor with strips or special ceramic spacers.

As a good rule of thumb, in order to ensure that the Fargesia bamboo/bucket size/plant substrate (earth) ratio is met, from the edge of the pot to the first stalk of the pot, the following should be observed bamboo plant must be at least 10 cm of air. Bamboo plants should never fully root your bucket. If your bamboo completes the bucket, you should share your bamboo plant or get a bigger bucket.

Care for your Fargesia bamboo

Fargesia must not dry out. Take care to ensure that there is enough water and water it a little more intensively on hot days. If your plant does not have enough water, it will roll up your leaves. Give a little more water in the future under the same weather conditions and leaves remain fresh green and rolled out.

Do not rely on rain, bamboo requires a lot of water. The high number of bamboo leaves evaporates a lot of water every day, and the has to come from somewhere. In Australia, different species of bamboo are on a red list and must not be planted any more because they need too much water. Water is rather scarce there.

You should plant your bamboo with special bamboo soil and regularly use a cut bamboo fertilizer.

Alternatively, you can also buy a Fargesia Murielae from the nursery of your choice, and you will be able to buy a Fargesia Murielae before and can select the plants according to your criteria. Don't be surprised about the slightly higher price, the Consultation and maintenance of the sales area is included in the price.


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