Bamboo Windchime

Wind chimes are believed to be therapeutic; Feng Shui practitioners believe windchimes suppress ill luck and attract positive energies. The tinkling sound that emanates from the wind chime helps to calm body, mind and soul, thus in the process enhances healing. Wind chimes can be placed in the garden where there is adequate breezes to blow it around, or indoor near doorways and windows.

This piece of healing tool can be made from ceramic, metal or wood. Wind chimes made from wood are the best because (1) they tinkling sounds natural (2) they are more durable; they won’t rust like metal or crack like ceramic, and (3) they are bio-friendly.

A bamboo wind chime is made from a natural bamboo plant which itself is a renewable resource. Bamboo grows fast and in large quantity, cultivating bamboo is not expensive, and processing bamboo into wind chimes only requires crafting skills.

This collection of beautifully crafted bamboo wind chimes is the ideal for homes; you can also have them on your business doorways to entice customers. They are available in different designs like floral, classic, patterned and more. The natural wood colors also blend well with indoor designs. And they are cheap.


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Nalulu Classic Wind Chime - Bamboo Wooden Wood Outdoor Medium & Relaxation Ready

(16.99 $)

MUMTOP Bamboo Wind Chime Outdoor Wooden Music Wind Chimes for Garden, Patio, Hom...

(31.99 $)

Nalulu Rustic Bamboo Wind Chime - Outdoor Wood Wooden Floral Burned Design with ...

(20.99 $)

WOODMUSIC Wind Chime, 35'' Bamboo Wooden Birdhouse Wind Chimes for Ourdoor & Ind...

(28.99 $)

Nalulu House Wind Chime - Bamboo Wooden Wood Painted Outdoor & Relaxation Ready


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19.99 $16.66$*

VIITION Wooden Wind Chimes Outdoor Bamboo Wind Chimes with Amazing Deep Tone for Patio Garden Home ...


ASTARIN Bamboo Wind Chimes Outdoor Wooden Wind Chimes with Amazing Deep Tone 30 Classic Zen Garden W...

20.95 $14.97$*

Bamboo Wind Chime - Premium Wooden Indoor or Outdoor Wind Chime for Home Garden Patio Porch Yard...


Agirlgle Bamboo Wind Chimes Outdoor 29”Windchimes Garden Amazing Grace Tuned Memorial Wind Chimes In...

50.50 $41.71$*

Cohasset Gifts 147B Cohasset Happy Bobbing Head Bird Bamboo Wind Chime


Bellaa 23356 Bamboo Chimes Floral Handmade Wind Chimes Outdoor Garden Patio Gifts

25.99 $16.99$*

Afirst Bamboo Wind Chimes 29 inches with 6 Tuned Tubes Amazing Grace Wind Chime Outdoor Indoor Decor...


Handmade Wind Chimes 5 Bamboo Bell Tubes Half Coconut Wood Top Low Deep Tone Wooden Chimes Outdoor...


Cohasset Gifts 135 Cohasset Plain Antique Double Bamboo Wind Chime Natural Wood Finish


Remiawy Wind Chimes Outdoor Bamboo Wind Chime with Natural Relaxing Soothing Sound 6 Hand-Carved B...


Cohasset Gifts 209 Cohasset Ships Wheel Bamboo Wind Chime White & Blue Distressed Finish


Cohasset Gifts Cohasset 246 Oscar Bamboo Wind Tan Owl Chime

19.99 $17.99$*

MAYMII Large 65cm (25) 12 Tubes Double Antique Nature Bamboo Feng Shui Wind Chime Indoor Outdoor Woo...

17.90 $15.83$*

Cohasset Gifts 126 Cohasset Simple Bamboo Wind Chime Small Blue Butterfly


Sunset Vista Designs 92697 Moon and Star Metal and Wood Wind Chime Bamboo


Cohasset Gifts Bamboo Wind Chimes | Large 45 inch | Natural Beautiful Sound | Wood Outdoor Home Deco...

21.79 $19.97$*

EcoAlt Bamboo Wind Chimes Ideal for Both Indoor and Outdoor (Patio Garden Porch Backyard) - Natur...


Hrpa Wind Chime Bamboo Outdoor Small with 8 Tube for Outdoor or Indoor Home Decor


DateDirect Bamboo Wind Chimes Memorial Gifts - Wood Wind Chime - Large Indoor Outdoor Wooden - 32 Wi...

24.95 $21.02$*

Bamboo Wood Palm Tree Windchime with Coconut Top Handmade Tropical Chime 30 inches


Cohasset Gifts 168 Cohasset Simple Bamboo Wind Chime Large Burnt in Wood Flower Design


Royal Brands Wind Chimes Bamboo Wood Wind Chime Large Indoor Outdoor Wooden Melody Large 20


VIE Naturals Bamboo Wind Chimes 25cm


VIE  Naturals Hand Made Bamboo Wind Chimes (Set of 2) (Small-25cm) Total Hanging Height 60cm. 


Cohasset Gifts 139 Cohasset Plain Antique Giant Bamboo Wind Chime Longest Tube Approximately 31.5


Sunset Vista Designs Circle Bamboo Wind Chime 26

45.90 $43.61$*

Cohasset Gifts 174A Cohasset Abby Bobbing Head Bird Bamboo Wind Chime Hand Painted Spotted Multi-Hu...


Hand Carved Large Beautiful Bamboo Wood Bobbing GOONIE Bird with NEST of Babies Wind Chime


Cohasset Gifts 272 Cohasset Tree of Life Bamboo Wind Chime


Coastal Themed Painted Wood Pelican with Bamboo Wind Chimes 45 Inches


Royal Brands Bamboo Wind Chimes - Wood Wind Chime- Large Brown Indoor Outdoor Wooden Melody - 25 Lon...


Vie Naturals Hand Made Bamboo Wind Chimes (Set of 2) (Wind-Chime-PR-MED-SML)


Beachcombers Coastal Life Coconut Turtle Bamboo Windchime 39 Tropical Chime

31.90 $29.35$*

Cohasset Gifts 149 Cohasset Sunflower Bamboo Wind Chime Bright Cheerful Yellow

15.98 $14.98$*

MeeDoo 32 Inches Bamboo Wood Wind Chimes with S Hook - Large Outdoor Wooden Melody Windchimes Beaut...

33.95 $30.17$*

Woodstock Chimes CMCEL The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Chime Asli Arts Collection Celestial...


Westman Works Tropical Beach Sandals Bamboo Wood Six Tube Windchime 24 inches


Pepperell SMWC01 Natural Bamboo Wind Chime Kit-Large


Cohasset Gifts 134 Cohasset Bamboo Wind Chime Large Plain Antique

15.01 $12.90$*

Beachcombers 41.25-Inch Long Burnt Flower Bamboo Windchime Brown

25.90 $23.97$*

Cohasset Gifts Bamboo Wind Chimes | Large 45 inch | Natural Beautiful Sound | Wood Outdoor Home Deco...


Woodstock Chimes C101 The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Chime Asli Arts Collection Large Hal...