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Longboarding is a great way to spend your time outdoors when there is no ocean next to you - and enjoying the natural environment is an effective tension/stress reliever. Other health benefits attributed to longboarding include; improving leg and shoulder/back strength, improves cardiovascular fitness, and so on.

If crusing on ordinary longboards can be so beneficial to health, then boarding on environmentally friendly boards will be beneficial to our planet. With the rate at which we extract natural resources for production, we may soon consume them, and that would be disastrous. Thus we need to make use of reusable natural products as raw materials for new products.

Bamboos are one of the natural resources to explore, bamboo woods are reusable, and due to fast growth rate new bamboo plants are available in abundant. Longboards made from used and new bamboo woods are strong and durable.

This collection of bamboo longboards is suitable for all kind of surfing and skateboarding activities,; featuring bamboo longboard decks, sector 9 bamboo longboards, mini cruiser longboards and other varieties of eco-friendly sporting instruments. The longboards are available in various sizes, shapes, and lengths. Prices are affordable as you will later find out while exploring the collection, happy boarding.


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(79.99 $)

Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard | Bamboo and Hard Maple De...

(62.51 $)

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser, Green Flora

(99.00 $)

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete (Cruiser)

(83.99 $)

FISH SKATEBOARDS Longboard Skateboard, 44-Inch 7-Ply Artisan Bamboo and Maple Lo...

(99.99 $)

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck - De...

(119.99 $)

Hana Longboard Collection | Longboard Skateboards | Bamboo with Hard Maple Core ...


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135.00 $98.37$*

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser The Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44 Longboard Skateboard Blac...


OUDEW 41-Inch Longboard 8 Ply Artisan Bamboo and Maple Longboard  Professional Complete Skateboard...

75.99 $69.99$*

Sanview 34 Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser for Kids Adults Totem


Magneto Longboards - Bamboo & Fiberglass Drop Through Longboard Cruiser

139.00 $108.80$*

Eggboards Mini Longboard Bamboo Wood - Sustainable Compact Skateboard for Adults and Kids. Easy to C...


Sola Bamboo Premium Graphic Design Complete Longboard Skateboard - 36 to 38 inch (Future) GCSL099


JUCKER HAWAII Longboard Skateboard MAKAHUNA Bamboo Cruiser


DGWBT 41 inch Longboard Skateboard Freeride- Bamboo Hard Maple Deck Complete Skateboard Cruiser for ...


Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (34-Inch)


Hawkeye Longboard Skateboard Cruiser Longboard 42-Inch 8 Ply Artisan Bamboo and Maple Longboard  P...


Glider Collection | Longboard Skateboards | Bamboo with Hard Maple Core | Large 100mm Wheels (Low Gl...


SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II Electric Longboard 28 MPH Top speed 15 Miles Range Dual 35...


Hi-Na Hinaboard Mini Longboard Protable Skateboard Mini Cruiser Skateboard Mini Skateboard Bamboo Lo...


TailorShape Race Clothes 44 Bamboo and Canadian Maple Longboard Skateboard Cruiser


Lrfzhicg Longboard Cruiser 44 Inch Bamboo and Fiberglass Longboard Skateboard Complete Made for Adul...


Bamboo Skateboards – Pintail Longboard Tiki Man 44 x 9.5 Deck


The Super Cruiser 36 Remix Aqua Blue Bamboo and Maple Deck Longboard Skaeboard


Bamboo Skateboards Twin-Tip Drop Through Blank Skateboard Deck 40 x 9.25


LMAI 27 Bamboo Wood Cruiser Complete Skateboard Longboard (Black Fly)


Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard 9.25x41-Inch


Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Pintail Complete Longboard 9x43-Inch


Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack | Mount for Storing Your Skateboard or Longboard Skate by COR Surf


YKB Mini Longboard Skateboard Portable Bamboo Mini Cruiser Skateboards Ride with Precision Bearings ...


SKOCHO&Station Tabla Hawaii Freestyle Freeride PRO Bamboo Longboard Deck


Loaded Boards Vanguard Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck (Flex 2)

84.00 $67.00$*

Bamboo Skateboards Directional Drop Through Blank Skateboard Deck 41.13 x 9.625


Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Crimson Bamboo & Maple Skateboard Red 44


Bamboo Skateboards Pin Tail Blank Skateboard Deck 44 x 9.5


Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete (80a Stimulus Flex 1)


Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck (Flex 2)